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CapeDwarf News

CapeDwarf News

CapeDwarf is back from vacation and conferences — new 1.0.0.Beta5!

After successful Google I/O and Red Hat Summit presentations, and some vacation, it’s finally time to do a new release.

Regarding the release issues, they’ve been mostly driven by TCK failures, hence I’ll let the release notes speak for themselves.

Note: for the Windows users, an issue I just discovered after releasing the .zip, and it’s unfortunately not as trivial as it looks like, hence I didn’t want to stale the release even more. So the fix for this is coming in the next release.

The simple workaround is to run the full AS start command: "standalone.bat -c standalone-capedwarf.xml". (and a bit more work if you wanna use GAE API jar as a module)


Apart from classic coding, it’s been busy three months with a lot of news and new things around CapeDwarf project.


For those who missed my tweets about GAE TCK, here is the link again

Blogs, articles

It looks like we’re getting more and more traction on the blog / article scene

Conferences, talks

Since JavaOne notifications are out, I can happily say that my Implementing your own Google App Engine talk got accepted. And I’ll prolong my US stay with my visit to DC JBUG. Welcome to drop by!

CapeDwarf 1.0.0.Beta4 is out!

Continuing with our monthly releases, we’re happy to announce new 1.0.0.Beta4 release.

  • all logging data was moved into separate cache,

  • enabled metadata handling,

  • default cache is now “SYNC” by default (which made MapReduce tests very happy :-)),

  • we put back legacy factory transformers - which means older GAE API versions now again work to some extent,

  • Velocity is jarjar-ed - so it doesn’t conflict with your version anymore,

  • we support static files handling - you don’t hit your filters and listeners anymore,

  • datastore queries now run sync as well, cluster wide - thanks Sanne, Dan and Infinispan co.,

  • and a bunch of other small tweaks.

CapeDwarf team will be at this year’s Google I/O’ Sandbox! Make sure you drop by for a chat, demo and a nice T-shirt.

Also be careful you don’t miss the exciting surprise announcement!

Busy busy busy - new 1.0.0.Beta3 CapeDwarf release finally out!

Download it here:

As you can see from the JIRA release notes, it’s been super busy 2 months.

Another new sub-project: CapeDwarf Shared.

It’s where we keep the shared code between our GAE API implementation (Blue) and JBossAS integration.

There has been a lot of detail polishing on Blobstore, Logging and TaskQueue. And we also added BlackList / WhiteList support, getting even closer to GAE behavior this way.

Also big thanks to Bart and Wouter for the patches and feedback.

And yes, we finally simplified how you start the whole thing - thanks Lazo.

  • ./ or capedwarf.bat (in JBOSS\_HOME/bin/) will do

As always, feedback welcome!

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