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CapeDwarf News

CapeDwarf News

CapeDwarf (finally) gets cron support!

I’m actually surprised on how I was able to miss the cron support for so long, or how come none of the users complained. :-)

It finally caught my attention when I needed it in one of my sandbox apps, that I realised that we have completely forgotten about it — though it’s been around forever.

When implementing something like cron support in Java, it’s probably the only logical choice to use Quartz. And that’s what we’ve done. Of course there are some tricks to consider, specially around clustering support and GAE cron’s natural way of describing trigger times. But that’s where JGroups and existing GAE Tools come in handy.

So, here is the latest CapeDwarf 2.0.0.CR2 distribution:

And the usual issues report:

Give it a spin and any feedback welcome as always!

You’ve got mail and a new site!

As the title - taken from a cheesy romantic movie :-) - says, we now finally have proper mail API support on CapeDwarf.

We also moved our site to Awestruct and Asciidoctor, plus adding a bunch of content to it — faq, docs, blogs, …

CapeDwarf now uses WildFly 8.0.0.Final underneath, which fixed some of the deployment’ concurrency handling issues.

The full release notes can be found here:

Download the full .zip distribution:

Feedback welcome!

Finally new CapeDwarf release, this time on WildFly!

Yes, we finally moved the CapeDwarf runtime over to new WildFly codebase! It took time to get all the components aligned, all our provided patches merged and all issues resolved. But it was worth it!

Apart from new runtime with WildFly, we also switched to new Infinispan version 6.x and new UnderTow web server. With new Infinispan version 6.x you get much faster file store impl, while the move to UnderTow allowed us to implement Channel API on top of WebSockets.

The full release notes can be found here:

Download the full .zip distribution:

To name a few new features or resolved issues - we finally have initial OAuth impl, we’re now using original Endpoints resources from GAE for our Endpoints support, Marko found and fixed a nasty namespace bug in our Datastore, and we fixed a bunch of small issues exposed by the GAE TCK.

The old codebase based on JBossAS7 can be found under 1.0 branch in our GitHub repos.

Give this new release a spin. Feedback is welcome as always!

Happy holidays!

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